10 Things Your Kids Do Not Want to Inherit

Do you really know the heirlooms your children really want?

Many people are taking the time to organize their cluttered homes and closets with spring cleaning coming up. You may also be creating lists for your family members to pick up or inherit in the future.

Let’s take a look at what people don’t value during their inheritance.


Some books can be rare and valuable, if so call a book antiquarian or check on biblio.com. If you need a location to donate your books consider: libraries, schools, or charitable organizations. They can find these books in a new home and have a use for them.

2. Paper

Paper products are typically old photos or cards. Many children digitize their photos for safekeeping and minimize the effects wear and tear may have on them. For the prints, if they are connected to a celebrity or hysterical moments, some greeting card publishers may find a use for them in their archive. Even museums will enjoy receiving these, especially those connected to war.

3. Trunks, Sewing Machines, & Film Projectors

These items tend to be valueless other than if they have a family history or are made by a renowned company. These items can be donated to places like the Salvation Army.

4. Porcelain Figures & Decorative Plates

What precious moment figures to you may not be as precious to your loved ones. But some places will value these items. Check with an assisted living facility that could use them for gift exchanges. If your figurine has memories attached, consider getting a photographer to take pictures and then donate them.

5. Silver-plated Objects

If your items are luxury and valuable like Tiffany or Cartier, then consider a donation. It is one less item your children will have to dust on the shelf.

6. Sterling & Crystal

There are family members that will enjoy these items but ask. If they don’t, there are websites like replacements.com that help find new homes for your items.

7. Fancy Dinnerware

Generations of your family under you will typically be uninterested in needing themes items. Websites like replacements.com will help place them with people who may have missing pieces from their set.

8. Dark Brown Furniture

Second-hand stores or even antique lovers can upcycle your furniture for a more modern theme. Expect only a quarter of your purchase price. Unless you sell mid-century pieces which can be valued at a higher price.

9. Persian Rugs

If your rug isn’t a high-end, luxury item, your best actions are to donate them.

10. Linens

See if you can source someone who will repurpose hand embroidered work into garments or christening gowns. The other option is to consider donating to a theater or costume shop.

Many of these items hold personal value with many memories attached to them. It can be difficult to clear a path for the future but your children and loved ones may not be willing to see the objective of each item. Even suggest setting up a family meeting or video chat to show off the items you are contemplating. This allows stories to be shared and opinions to be heard.

If you are having a hard time downsizing on your own, you can find professional help through the National Associations of Senior Move Managers. You can also find a company that focuses and specializes in estate sales and management of tasks.