Discovering the ‘New’ Normal Again

During this past year and a half, I think we can all agree that we have been infected with the “post-quarantine” awkwardness of getting out and waking up your social life again. There has been an increased rate of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and poorly taken care of relationships all resulting of the aftermath of the pandemic (CDC). There are tips to overcome these challenges and hardships that may come creep into your everyday life.

  • Consider who is worthy of the reconnection.
    • Reflection was most likely experienced during this difficult year of Covid-19. Pick and choose who you would like to bring back into your life. Ask yourself, are they beneficial to me? Do they bring me joy? Am I happy?
  • Time is needed.
    • Even though restrictions are lifting and the world is opening up again, does not mean you have to. Take it easy on yourself and experience the time you may need in order to feel you best self. Do what makes you most comfortable, not what makes others.
  • Support engagement when necessary.
    • Those that are worthy of reconnection, encourage to engage with those people. Examples being loved ones and close friends. Even if this may be challenging at first, some may need a little shove to revive the relationship again if it was a positive one to begin.
  • Daily routines can provide comfort.
    • Having a schedule helps us get out of bed in the morning to take on the day. They can help rebuild our social connections. For instance, schedule Monday night dinners or Friday morning coffee outings with those close people in your life.
  • Boundaries are necessary.
    • Know your own comfort levels. They can be different compared to others. It is important to be able to communicate these openly; therefore, you are entering a social life at your own pace.

Entering your social life can be scary, but it does not have to be. As long as you are communicative about your concerns, cooperative with different opinions and emotions, and willing to take the healthy precautions, your social life can become “normal” again.

This pandemic allowed us to put our social life on a break – in which we could take some time reflect, replenish and refuel. Let’s construct our social aspects in a healthier way for ourselves. Take some time to schedule a meeting with your financial advisor to reestablish a recreational budget, that will allow you to have some fun while also not over doing it.