The dos and don’ts of managing up

Working remotely can be a challenge especially in building effective relationships. These tips can help.

Every interaction counts even when your working remote or hybrid.

Managing up can be an awkward balance. Building a strong relationship with your manger is crucial. You need to show them that you care about their objectives and preferences which in turn helps build trust and accelerate productivity.

Here are some dos and don’ts to help guide you through.

Do communicate relevant information- often and proactively.

You are able to build trust through sharing information with coworkers especially higher ups. It portrays to them your confidence in your progress that you have made.

Do understand your managers objectives.

Ask what their priorities are so that you can contribute in the process to help it go effectively and efficiently. This can build the connection between your tasks (and your team’s) and their vision.

Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification.

It’s easier to learn in the office to see your boss’ interactions with others or observe. In remote environment you have to ask them to clarify what would success look like in their opinion. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions like this.

Don’t work on your boss’ pet projects or become their notetaker.

Being strategic in what you offer to help with is important because you don’t have to stray doing something else it might upset your team.

Do get to know your boss’ likes and dislikes so you can predict what they’ll ask for next.

Take feedback from previous assignments or task into consideration when pursuing a new task.

Don’t overstep.

There needs to be a balance. Take time to analyze your boss’ management style before making a big bold move.

Do manage “around” your direct manager.

People who influence your manager are good connections to make in your company. Your name could come up in conversation between them because of you making those connections.

Next Steps

If you have been working remotely:

– Make sure you have regular one on one calls with your boss and plan ahead for the meeting.

– Stay engaged during large group discussion so you can proactively incorporate your new ideas into everyday tasks.